Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our Top Wishes for Christmas

"I just want you for my own 
more than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you
You, baby"
All I Want For Christmas Is You

It´s nearly time to receive and concede grant wishes and receive presents. Here you are some of our top wishes for this festive season:

More Time

These wings for the wall in our office, They help us to fly

These comfortable looking Adidas trainers

The intoxicating scent of Angel perfum from Thierry Mugler

To be in good  company

An unmatched vintage cups set from a local second hand store

This greenhouse, no other, this. Here is where we want to make our pop up stores, our meetings with our customers drinking a cup of tea while we imagine the next event

The inspiring book The Girl with Glass Feet

A retro phone would be such a great accessory, chic and funny

And of course some of our colourful light garlands to enhance any place in your home

Apart from love and health, This is our inaugurated monthly wishlist.

What are your wishes for Christmas?

Much Love!!!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Latest Stick-on Show Accessory Might be the Solution

Step by step, ooh baby
Gonna get to you girl
Step by step, ooh baby
Really want you in my world.
Step by Step

This thime we would like to share a new discovery with you.

Have you ever thought when you are getting ready for a party or just for everyday that you feel pretty with your lovely outfit, your favourite shoues but shock horror, your soles are worn!!

Shoelicks is a stick-on show accesory that might be the solution.

They are not exactly Louboutin soles but it is going to make a smalll great difference. Shoelicks transform the plain old heels into head-turning in seconds.

We can choose from a variety of designs and colours: pastels, graphic prints and floral designs, there is a model for everyones taste.

Do you like the idea of the stickers on your heels? We do, it remember us to the trendy nail stickers which we also love.

Best of all, they are affordable and different. For 2.99 and you can find it on line on the website or in River Island Stores

Picture credits from Shoelicks Shop

Don´t forget to have a look at our store, we will update it soon and we´d like to show you soon the pictures we got while we were preparing a feast in the forest, but before we are going to take a break some days of sun rays and warm weather in Canary Island.

See you next week!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our Great Ball Light Garland

"We round a racetrack through your mom's kitchen chairs

And fought the shadows back down your dark basement stairs.
I lit a match and let it catch to light up the room."
Hot Air Balloon
Owl City

You can make it or buy it!

It’s one of those ideas perfect for every occasion, to light the wall, the window, the ceiling, to use it in a party, inside or outside if weather permits. There are hundreds of designs, materials and colours that you can apply to it to match your design scheme.

You will need:
  • Twine in the colour of your choice. The wire's thickness depends on your taste
  • PVA Glue ~ About 1/2 litre, This is Polyvinyl acetato
  • Cornflour
  • Warm water
  • 20 Balloons
  • Marker pen
  • Vaseline
  • Disposable tin
  • A long piece of wood, as a stick or a broom to hang the balloons
  • Twinkly light garland to attach the twine-balls
  • Lightbulb garland

We show you how to make it in a few steps!

First of all blow-up the balloons, one for each ball and draw a circule around the top using your marker so you know where to wrap your trine up to, then smear the balloons with a thin coating of Vaseline, this will stop your twine from sticking to the balloons.

Tie a piece of string to the ends of each balloon and then around an old piece of wood between two fixed points. This allows you to work on them while the balloons are hanging. Make sure you have something underneath to avoid the drips.

To make your glue mixture, take the disposable tin and mix up PVA glue, a few tablespoons of corn flour and warm water. You want the mixture to be smooth, not too runny, and make sure there’s lots of it as trine is quite absorbent.

This is the key part. Take the twine and dip it into the glue mixture until it is entirely soaked, then start to wrap it around the balloon, both vertically and horizontally until you get the desired effect. When you have finished, snip off the end of the twine and tuck it underneath another piece so it doesn’t stick out. Do the same with every balloon.

Leave to dry overnight. You will find that your twine balls have now gone hard, if they haven’t then just leave them a little longer until they are fully set. Pop them, then remove the balloons. You can spray paint the trine balls into a desired colour or leave it in its natural colour if you prefer and attach to your light garland.

Would you like to give a go or would you like to buy it in our store:

                                                                 Much Love

Friday, November 07, 2014

Our ideas for 70's Parties

Dance and forget our time is gone
A thing to remember when we're all alone
So dance, it's our way to say goodbye,
Yes, all we have to do is".
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)

Yesterday we spent the afternoon looking at the necklaces that our tribal supplier has sent, it was already dark so we couldn´t take any proper pic to show you. We decided to celebrate it with a drink while my BLOOMING friend was playing the guitar, have you seen the picture on instagram
We are so happy to share with you that our first post got 250 visits, that's amazing, thank you very much for your interest.
This week I'd like to show you some ideas I've got on Pinterest to decorare our friend birthday party.

She decided that she wants a 70's party in the early afternoon and we should dress up accordingly. So I've got some ideas of what to do.
To start, in the building entrance which she has rentes for the event we will display a photo call, so the people can warm up to the atmosphere cheering up with the pictures and the custom accessories

As we will have an theme we will stick some globes on the wall with washi tape saying Happy birthday like this

Paper lamps will be hanging on the ceiling, we have got several of them and we will paint them with glitter as a make your own disco ball.

diy craft TUTORIALS

The final decoration will be the tableare  full of bright colours and combined with the paper lamps and happy birthday balls.

Lot´s of details can be aded to the party, glasses, wigs, glitter lollipops, vinil discos, mirror balls, depending on the party hour and the guess age.
Therefore, we will just need to take a drink and enjoy the music.

Would you like us to help you with our ideas for one of your parties? Just drop us an email.
Check all these pictures on our 70's Parties on Pinterest

Friday, October 31, 2014

Do you think beauty is something temporary or banal?

I need, some new stilettos,
Can't walk, down the street in those.
You are, who you wear it's true
A girl's just as hot as the shoes she choose.
Lady Gaga
Here is our first post!

We would like to say that we have decided to start this business where we can reflect our own vision of fashion and lifestyle. We push the boundaries with mixtures from our different cultures, new talents, DIY and guided by our intuition to créate a style that we utilise not only in our jobs but in out looks as well.
We are getting ready for the opening of our shop, with special pieces and hand made products.

We want to encourage everyone to have their own personal vision of fashion and beauty. Following the trends but at the same time being yourself. Do you think beauty is something temporary or banal?

Balzac a 19th century French novelista said in his book Discourse of Elegance focused the fashion with these thoughts:

"Clothes are the most tremendous modification social man has experiencedthey influence all of existence Elegant living is, in the broad acceptance of the term, the art of animating repose.It is not enough to become or to be born rich to lead an elegant life: one must feel it.Though elegance is less an art than a feeling, it is also the result of instinct and habit. [...]Clothing does not consist so much in clothes as in a certain manner of wearing them. Consequently it is not the rags in themselves as it is the spirit of the rags that one must graso."

All of our ideas are here from fashion and lifestyle to people that inspire us. Come and explore our BLOOMING universe!

Are you ready?